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reen light● from the ■European Commission〓, the anti-trust wat●chdog of Europe■an Union, late l●ast year under a s■implified 〓review procedu〓re.The new fir


●m aims to enable● Huawei to 〓compete with◆ technology giant●s such as Hewlett○-Packard an〓d IBM. It will● also provide ◆a fresh boost f◆or Symantec's securi●ty and data○ management business〓.The global m●arket for the stora◆ge and Internet ◆safety industry ■was estimated at 2■3 bi

llion U.S. d〓ollars, wit〓h the Chin○ese market ○accounting 〓for 1.1 bil●lion

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U.S. dol●lars.China's◆ telecom network eq■uipment giant Hua〓wei Techno○logies and US sec〓urity software ■maker Symantec 〓have launched a ●joint venture i?/p> image

駈 southwes●t China.The new comp●any, named Hua●wei-Symantec, is■ based in Che○ngdu in so◆uthwestern S◆ichuan Pro〓vince. Huawei o■wns 51 per■cent of the joint● venture, while◆ Symantec ●holds the remaining ○49 percent■.Related Video:●China's tele●com network equip●ment giant Huawe■i Technologies and〓 US security s〓oftware maker● Symantec have ●launched a joint● venture in○ southwest Chin◆a.The new company, n○amed Huawei-Sym●antec, is base〓d in Chengdu in sout●hwestern Sichuan P〓rovince. Hu■awei owns 51 〓percent of th○e joint ven○ture, while Sy◆mantec holds◆ the remaining ■49 percent.Rela◆ted Video:A ◆touch of

futur〓e with cutting-○edge Chinese te◆chnologies at Mob◆ile World Cong◆ressA touch of futur●e with cut●ting-edge Chinese te●chnologies at◆ Mobile World ●CongressA touch of 〓future with cutting○-edge Chinese tech◆nologies a〓t Mobile World Co◆ngress02-2○8-2018 10:45 BJTBARC●ELONA, Feb. 27 (Xin●hua) -- Just b◆y putting on a b●lack helmet, a back〓pack and a pai●r of gloves, Hose Aq■uinas made ■his personal ●history of s●etting his own feet ○on the "moon"."●My dream has come tr○ue, and it〓's so real!"○ said the astoun■ded Spanish〓 business

man ■who was among○ the scores o■f visitors lining○ up at the● Chinese telec?/p>

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me virtua〓l reality of◆ landing on ●the moon in a lu〓nar module◆, opening the do●or, walking on the■ moon surface an〓d picking u■p sample rocks.As ●one of the p〓ioneers in ●the industry, H●uawei relocates the〓 process of i●mage rendering to cl●oud with its CG clou◆d VR demo, allo◆wing VR exper○ience to b■e free of cables ◆use

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d in many other V●R games."I ●never thoug●ht my life can be◆ changed just li◆ke that," Aquina t●old Xinhua,○ "5G and cloud techn■ologies offer s○o many new poss●ibilities."The moon ◆landing VR experi○ence is ju○st a taste of what ◆future looks■ like with G5 and c●loud technolog■ies. Unlike the time○ of 2G and

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